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Why We Are Different – and Better

Solutions for working better

TRI I does not use any one single process or prepackaged materials delivered by mid-level facilitators. Nor, does TRI leave its clients with presentation decks recommending complex human capital or business strategies to understand, communicate and execute on their own.

Instead, we work intimately with you to provide better solutions. Our solutions are suited to your particular needs, wishes and circumstances. Our team is virtuoso level. Our approach translates into better business results.

We accomplish this by uniting:

  1. The experience, expertise and gifts of our special consulting team, composed of highly successful, empathic and engaging individuals (our human capital).
  2. Our special philosophy, which honors a new definition of work, encompassing individuals, trust, and extraordinary accomplishment — insight, inspiration, implementation.
  3. A profound understanding of business issues and the importance of marrying business imperatives with individual and team passions, strengths and personalities.
  4. Unique custom solutions for each and every client, because each and every client is unique, with their own mosaic of individuals, business issues and environmental dynamics.
  5. Hands-on team and individual assistance to insure agreed upon objectives are met and improved results achieved.

 How We Work

How we work

With honed mastery of essential skills, TRI I ensures:

  • Strong up-front intelligence gathering and diagnostics to identify the issues, processes, people and interdependencies.
  • Compassion for the complexities of human interactions and the specific business environments in which they operate.
  • Identification of the realities beneath the surface. Every organization might identify issues such as communication, too much change or marketplace ups-and-downs. We empathically get beyond the obvious to deeper causal drivers.
  • Understanding the nuances of time, place, organizational situation and personalities aimed at the heart of the matter.
  • Clear commitment to follow-up and follow-through in every phase of working with an organization.
  • A clear road map of the process needed to produce results.
  • Openings to a quantum leap forward.
  • Success measured in client and stakeholder terms.

There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish.

— Warren G. Bennis