Our Expertise

Our work is at the nexus of what clients need and where we are great.

This intersection focuses on the human capital component (people) as a critical factor in sustainable business success and achieving stakeholder objectives. We work with individuals, teams and leaders to maximize their contributions to the enterprise.

Team Acceleration

Team accelerators

New and existing teams take giant steps into their next highest performance level in a sustainable, results-driven process.
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Developing Leaders

Growing and developing leaders

Managers become Leaders, Leaders become Change agents, Change agents courageously lead and inspire organizations.
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Leveraging Cultures

Leveraging Cultures

Understand the power of corporate value-systems to lead and leverage business results.
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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Individual development to advance performance, executive agendas and business success.
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Instant Teams

Instant Teams

Assemble and rapidly synergize key stakeholder thinking, alignment and commitment for extraordinary results.
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Skill-Set Development

Skills development

Develop and master specific skills critical to maximizing successful business results.
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Embracing Change

Embracing change

Change is -- period Inspire and implement an organizational view that loves change as opportunities to find the business cutting edge.
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Double Time

Working teams

In real time combine people-centric expertise and strategic processes to collaboratively advance business results.
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Team Acceleration

Teams of people sitting around a tableWe believe sustainable high-performance teams depend upon trust, respect, authenticity and caring as foundations for success.

We build a shared mission, vision, values and business objectives to align personal interests, harness collective expertise, and focus individual efforts.

TRI I helps individuals and teams:

Growing and Developing Leaders

Crowd of people in a roomLeadership is beyond management — it involves personal engagement at a level of authenticity.

We help develop leaders who unite business competency with the ability to generate trust, respect and inspiration in others.

TRI I helps leaders and soon-to-be leaders be insightful and understanding about the roles, responsibilities, skills, strategies and tactics of being a leader.

Our custom workshops and one-on-one coaching intensives produce exceptional leaders for today and tomorrow.

We recognize each person’s unique strengths, needs and capabilities for extraordinary achievement.

Leveraging Organizational/Corporate Culture

Organizational culture is the context within which individuals, teams and leaders operate. Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of organization members and their behaviors.

People posing for picture

Organizational culture is a crucially important component of business success — especially during times of change.

TRI I helps clients gain a solid understanding of the dynamics of culture and how to lead it, enabling them to direct activities in a manner that produces exceptional results. These include:

TRI I works with clients to achieve optimum results — whether trying to radically redefine a culture, leverage an existing culture, or revitalize the cultural underpinnings that have brought unprecedented success.


TRI I believes coaching is an essential tool in maximizing business and individual success at all levels.

Man sitting in chair laughingCoaching nurtures individual growth. Coaching motivates teams to operate at higher performance levels.

Coaching shows leaders how to communicate ideas and influence those around them while manifesting the behavior they talk about.

TRI I helps clients at all levels with individual coaching and with establishing a culture of coaching.

We help determine the areas of coaching each individual or team member may need.

We deliver one-on-one, personalized coaching engagements to address agreed-to organizational and individual needs.

Depending on the individual, our coaching focuses on skills, performance, development and executive agendas.

Instant Teams

There are times when critical business issues or opportunities require us to pull together specialized, internal or external resources to accomplish a specific objective.

People sitting around a table writing

The Instant Team process assembles key people together and synergizes expert and stakeholder interaction.

Instant Teams accomplish extraordinary objectives, in such areas as critical issue management, external resource creativity, formalized strategic planning and creating stakeholder alliances.

TRI I helps clients clarify specific issues and objectives.

We help define and source appropriate external resources and/or stakeholders.

We design and lead accelerated work sessions that very rapidly create teams (alignment, expertise, shared purpose, buy-in) and tackle the goals defined by the client. Instant teams move business issues forward catalytically.

We often meet client objectives within a matter of days.

Skill-Set Development

Hospital administrator standing with doctorsDeveloping and mastering specific skills are critical to maximizing successful business results.

Skill mastery is equally essential for individual career success.

The breadth and depth of our skill set, learning and mastery is embedded in our custom projects.

We cover the broad areas of teams, leadership development and executive coaching.

Specific skill-set training and coaching are available a la carte.

Highlights of TRI I’s Skill-Set Development Areas:

Embracing Change

Just like plants and animals, organizations and the individuals comprising them, inevitably encounter changing conditions that they must either leverage, adapt to, or die.

People standing in room around tableSimply put, the more effectively one deals with change, the more likely one is to thrive.

The rapid, non-predicable changes in technology, socio-economic conditions and a global workforce is driving changes to organizational systems, processes and people.

Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage it is a critical component of high performance.

At TRI I, we specialize in the people component of change.

We help companies leverage opportunity and minimize loss of productivity during fast-paced changes in:

We use our deep understanding about leadership styles and group dynamics to align group expectations, integrate teams and manage people training.

We make use of metrics such as leadership commitment, communication effectiveness and perceived need for change to design workable strategies.

In our work, we often develop effective communication strategies, create programs to upgrade skills, and coach management leading change initiatives.


Optimizing human capital and improving business results are inextricably linked.

Yet, virtually all consulting or training firms address these areas separately, or have differing teams operating under a corporate umbrella tackle each independently.

Many times this is justified.

Sometimes it isn’t.

Executives standingTRI I’s Double-Time process marries state of the art people-centric expertise with business-driven process in real time.

The actual day-to-day strategic and tactual imperatives on peoples’ “to do” lists are worked on concurrently with high performance team development.

The result is that people grow while doing.

Better results are achieved faster.

We use a multidisciplinary tag-team approach – one senior consultant with people-centric expertise and one senior consultant with business-centric expertise. Together, we give our clients the experience of working together better on real business issues.

Our process involves highly interactive work sessions, aimed at actual business objectives. These are combined with real-time, interpersonal skills development and coaching.