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Optimizing human capital and improving business results are inextricably linked.

Yet, virtually all consulting or training firms address these areas separately, or have differing teams operating under a corporate umbrella tackle each independently.

Many times this is justified.

Sometimes it isn’t.

Executives standingTRI I’s Double-Time process marries state of the art people-centric expertise with business-driven process in real time.

The actual day-to-day strategic and tactual imperatives on peoples’ “to do” lists are worked on concurrently with high performance team development.

The result is that people grow while doing.

Better results are achieved faster.

We use a multidisciplinary tag-team approach – one senior consultant with people-centric expertise and one senior consultant with business-centric expertise. Together, we give our clients the experience of working together better on real business issues.

Our process involves highly interactive work sessions, aimed at actual business objectives. These are combined with real-time, interpersonal skills development and coaching.

Act honestly, and answer boldly.

— Danish Proverb