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  • 9 years 48 weeks ago Recent research concludes those who laugh 5 min a day or > live longer with more financial and relationship assests. The study? Tweet me LCT
  • 10 years 1 week ago Forget media hype. Choose $$$$$. See stacks of cash & checks with lots of 0's in all the right places. SEE TIL IT HURTS! SEE MORE in MIND! L
  • 10 years 3 weeks ago A cooler wind of reason, solutions and success has just begun to blow through the international dialog of riot, murder and scarcity. Feel it
  • 10 years 4 weeks ago Win/Lose politics is a losing game- politically or organizationally. Do you want to awake, look in the mirror, see the loser's face? Not me.
  • 10 years 8 weeks ago Main Street? Wall Street?Political Beat? Seriously? Profit=Aligned path+people

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Linda C. Thompson, President

Linda ThompsonLinda is a nationally recognized expert in leadership development, team acceleration and executive coaching. She has worked with more than 100 of the Global 500 and leading institutions in medicine and government. She is included in a variety of Who’s Who and is designated one of the Two Thousand Most Notable Women in America.

Linda’s background and interactive style uniquely enable her to personally and intimately relate to a wide range of individuals. She connects with line workers to C-level executives. She has designed and implemented major programs for MD Anderson Cancer Center, Marriott Hotels, L’Oreal, FMC, J&J, Baume Mercier and Lockheed-Martin among others.

Drawing upon twenty+ years of business experience, Linda incorporates practical systematic solutions with her unique flair and creativity. She marries experience and expertise in strategic business, human resources, interpersonal skill transference and group dynamics. The result is savvy charisma across virtually any group situation – and a demonstrated 100% success rate for programs and initiatives.

She is a dynamic corporate speaker. She has addressed many national and international conferences on training, leadership and team dynamics.

Linda has a BA and MA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from USC, Los Angles.

Contact Information:
518-813-6202 Direct
518-880-6297 Fax
email Linda