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People+Perspective+Planning+Precision = Profit People " People are strange, when you're a stranger" The Doors Try eliminating the "a" -- people are strange when you're stranger. WELCOME TO LEADERSHIP! the people you lead inevitably perceive youas strange, out-to-get-them, or just incompetent at some point. make it a key Leadership Responsibility to know what they think, want and telling you the truth. Mastering the are of "leading up" is critical to success and can undercu the effectiveness of an entire organization if leaders do not kinow when direct reports are leading them.

Take a new look at your Profit and Loss statement (P&L) -- not the Executive Version -- the entire statement. The largest line item has been and is currently " wages and salaries".please, it is non-sensical to fail to invest in the very asset on which you spend most of your organizations money. If the logic of this statement escapes you --run, scury, find a job not leading people. Forget a career, setle for a job.

OK, OK -- I'm being a bit tough. WELCOME TO LEADERSHIP -- AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At TRI i, we are adamant that people make or break every organization.

In the new definition of work, the changed changing social covenant between employeers and employees,  what constitutes investing in people? a few thoughts and statics:

  • The number one job satisfier and key to retention of the best employees is their relationship to their boss. Do you know your TRUE relationship with your employees through their eyes -- not yours?
  • Do you have "watchdogs" that you have asked to tell you the truth and nothing