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The Real 911 Bottom Line

The real bottom line begins personally and ends for you. On 9-10-2001 I was in the World Trade Center -Tower Two-for business. Crossing the floor to the elevatores taking me to my clients offices, I noticed a group a group of children taking pictures and yelling "look-up." Having grown-up poor, it took me a moment to realize they wanted to take pictures of me --one of those people who had made it to the top. I waved, smiled, felt embarrassed and went  to work.

My daughter worked in a ground floor coffee shop. She was at work on 9-11-2001. She had to walk out of the City. She had to walk through a tunnel. We could not communitate because not only land line phone but cell phone service was out. I did not know if she was dead, alive, hurt etc.. for four days. We were both lucky. We are alive to tell our tales.

We both lost many friends and collegaues that day. Those who were not dead, lost homes, possessions, loved ones.

My personal choice in the months that followed was to take every consulting "gig" (as we say in the biz) that required airflight. There were no rules, no pilots sealed in cockpits. There only the people on the plane. We talked about our 'gameplan" if....

as the risk of clichque -- when the going gets tough...the tough get tougher.

About your bottom line... values, values, values. Read Victor Frankl's "Man Search for Meaning" He survived the Holocaust while in a concentration camp. Washington is broken. We have politicians and have lost Statesmanship. The markets are wealth creation for the wealthy. The markets swing between 10.8 and 11.4 and have done so for most of the summer. We can fix all the problems America is experiencing.-- if we have the courage to call out the real issues and hit honest delete buttons to sacred cows. That is a BIG "if".

Your choice is simple --step up your game or get out of the way. Personally, I do not enjoy the sight of butts in front of me. I choose stepping up my game. Market plays of 14-90 days have worked well. Remeber, market covergae wants ratings. they have high-paying jobs and are not required to disclose personal investments.

You know your weak spots. Just be honest with yourself and reach out to sources that can really help -- not charge a lot of money for little return

If you have a good job -- great. Do not count on it. The Fortune 500 and large non-profits are in unparelled turmoil. Be a master of knowing you can take care of yourself no matter what.

If you do not have a coach --get one. If your coach is not helping, get one that does. Your bottom line is your credibility and integrity. That is all you have to trade-on. Get real with yourself. Find the person who can help and even if you have to pay out of your own pockeck -- your $$$$$ bottom line will grow exponentially.

My Dad was a WWII bomber pilot stationed in England and flying missions over Germany. He kept the plane in the air long enough to land in Switzerland -neutral in WII. Not content to ride the war out there, he escaped over the Alps (in a train with the help of a fraulein). then he went back to war.

He also taught me to play poker when I was nine. Caused some jaw-dropping among other adult family members. It was a great gift. In poker, as in life, you don"t play the cards, you play the players. Decide -- are you a player or content to be played. I still have a thriving business because I am not afraid and refuse to be played.

Now it's your turn. Choose.