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We Bought a Zoo or Elected a President: Business Impact

Greetings Colleagues,

Well, we have a "situation." Business people need to present themselves as calm, affable, and effective. Politicians need to present themselves as exciting and charismatic. In America we have traded excitement for substance, winning for leadership and personal gain for everything else. The zoo of the presedential election year has such long-term impact for business success, the stakes are mind-boggling.

Regardless of the person in the oval office, the havoc viciousness of the race itself is an embarrassment. On the world stage, all eyes still look at America for cues of governance, military, currency humanitariasm all help.  What is the current message of America to the world? A house divided? A failed democratic experiment? Maybe we can beat them now? If any of these phrases are even 10%-20% accurate in terms of America's standing in the world, the impact on American business is catastrophic. Global markets, internal jobs, enriching trade agreements, currency value, equity markets -- all have the credibility and effectiveness of a porcupine in a balloon factory.