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Gold,Diamonds, Rubies, Gucci, Baume Mercier, Tiffany and, Of course, the Federal Reserve: Thank-You Entrepeneurs

Hi there. My name is Zoe and my best buddy (guy pic below) is Spiderwart. We thought we'd drop in to discuss a couple of simple things--how to fix the global economy other than the Federal reserve bailing out the world and bankrupting everyone in America and the critical need for everyone to own beautiful jewelry if any form of human civilization is to survive. Now I know what you're thinking--who are these people and how can such disparate elements as the Federal Reserve, global economy, name brand designers like Gucci , Baume Mercier and Tiffany and entrepreneurship possible relate? Ah, ye of little faith. Read on and be amazed. Spiderwart, you want to chime in? Sure, Zoe.      



     Let's start with the easy one. Owning jewelry for civilization to survive. OK. One of man's oldest impulses is to adorn. the earliest history of mankind is about fashion, jewelry (rocks, beads, mixed media such as feathers, shells, mud paint--you get me). I mean, it might have taken mankind millions of years to learn about fire and cooking food rather than eating just raw stuff, but we sure didn't have to learn about making ourselves look and feel great by putting on jewelry. I mean, we were wearing jewelry before we started wearing clothes for Pete's sake. (side note: Who the hell is Pete? Another time!) so, let's just say adorning with jewelry is as much a part of people as breathing. Jewelry goes--we just might forget to breathe. Zoe?

Thanks, Spiderwart. Interesting stuff. OK. We have incontrovertibly proven that folks need jewelry if any of us are going to remain human. So, where did the Tiffany, Chanel, Gucci designer craze come from? Simple. We attributed magic powers to the adornments we used. A feather in the hair and the dreaded storm passed. A reed around the wrist and the tribe found  yummy berry bushes by a stream full of fish. Then we found some shiny rocks and shredded reeds so we made a necklace and, voila, we found caves to get out of the wind and sleep at night. after that we spent our time looking for food, having sex, and making jewelry. Now we spend our time eating, having sex, shopping for jewelry, wearing jewelry and, oh yeah, working so we have money to get more jewelry. Spiderwart...Very provocative, Zoe. We're about out of room.Want to finish in next blog? Spiderwart, let's at least handle The Federal Reserve even if we come back for the entrepreneurship issue. Zoe, it's all yours. Thanks. Pretty basic. If the Federal Resolve once again hands a BIG junk of the Gross Domestic Product over to 7 Ceo's of big banks like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs expecting them to make loans and instead they vote themselves BIG BIG bonuses, none of us will have work, can't shop for jewelry and human civilization will fall. Zoe, that's an amazing insight. Thanks, Spiderwart. The single hope to prevent such madness is a massive break-out of entrepreneurship. More on that later. This is Zoe... and this is Spiderwat...saying Glitter On! until we meet to chat up entrepreneurship!