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Nuances and Communications

I don't know about you, but I like to keep up with the news as best I can during the day. I'll check headlines in a spare moment or follow a story while I stop to sip water. This week strikes me as being about information flow. From Hilary's emails to when the National Security Director learned two of his guys ploughed the White House to when will something finally be done about the Ferguson police, the key stories of the day hinge on timing the flow of information. So the 11:35 tweet didn't make the email thing go away. I doubt anyone thought it would. Maybe the timing of the tweet created some imagined sense of urgency or ...whatever. The woman works hard, young tweeters stay up late and that was probably the first chance she had. I think we have far bigger problems than another tempest in a teapot political shenanigans.the two sloshed Secret Service guys are classic - wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Covering it up for awhile from their boss is puzzling just in terms of how they pulled it off. block all social media and television for 48 hours going to that one person? Nah...?????? Think what they can block from the rest of us. Ferguson represents an issue that's been around since I was a kid and I think I'm now older than dirt. I am concerned about Ferguson but also how this translates into a national dialog. Pundits seem surprised and talk about how race relations have gotten worse un President Obama. Please!!!!! Racism hasn't gotten worse! Having an African-American president has probably legitimized and made more obvious the issues of race still plaguing us which must be resolved for America to flourish. We can no longer sweep this ugly stain under the national rug. Bring all the remnants of a dead and shameful chapter in history out into the open for cleansing. The old adage "timing is everything" struck me this week with ne force realizing that these stories I've heard all week were still after the fact. Reports are delayed despite the "Breaking News" banner that causes listeners to salivate. New reports are telescoped and often facts change over time. In fact, all three of these stories may reflect issues resolved months ago, we just didn't hear about them them in the programmed news cycle. Hmmm...I wonder...???