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Making Your Days Really You: Deciding

We've been talking about the power of choice in the form of a decision. A decision by definition is an active agent. Out of endless ripples of possibility surrounding us in a moment, a decision brings some potentials into actualization and leaves others in unformed possibilities. We exert our will in the act of deciding . Think about an ambiguous situation you are handling. Be still. Think about what you want to see happen - not all the combinations of what could happen, not even what you may think most likely to happen. Think about what you really want to see happen. Notice how you feel as you let the images of your preferred outcome flow through your mind. More confident? More relaxed? Hold that image. 

Realistically, I am not saying that just see your desired tomorrow in great detail and "poof!" it will magically happen. I am saying that by being clear on what you want to happen may just sharpen your thinking and align your being enough to pull it off. If not, at least you know the gap between what you wanted and what happened. Now get busy filling that gap and bring your tomorrow into today!