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Pressing the Reset Button

As much as I hate to confess I love following the news, I did take a page from a recent CNN broadcast regarding the Trump White House. The gist was that the President needed to press the reset button on his initial efforts to be presidential. I found myself musing on the notion of a Reset Button as kind of a metaphor. Over a weekend I decided to try an experiment. I was going to press my own "reset button" to refocus my thinking on business and life. The first discovery I made was I had to stay away from my usual entertainments and distractions. As soon as I started watching a movie or contemplated theatre tickets, my thoughts were in their usual mode - just the more relaxed, entertaining version. I also had to pull away from those mundane chores that have to be done to keep life moving forward -shopping, cleaning etc. Once I broke the mold of what I normally did and looked more at being than doing, I began to get new ideas and perspectives. Perhaps this falls into the category of "what's old is new again" since on some level most of us know we cannot get new ideas doing the same old things. I do think in the current climate of new businesses and technologies appearing constantly and the leadership vacuum created by retirees leaving the workforce, developing your leadership reset button is a critical skill to stay current, fresh and innovative. Thanks, CNN.