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The Era of Upheaval

We are in what I have dubbed The Era of Upheaval. The omicron surge, climate crisis, great name it. I fervently believe that as seasoned leaders we must get in front of this tangle and align our organizations to do what we do best - figure it out. Yes, I'm on a mission! A mission to help businesses and organizations create the future - not just react to the next crisis. To that end I have joined forces with folks probably the best in the world at transformational change - Dannemiller Tyson Associates (DTA)

We are beginning with small groups of leaders from a variety of organizations to share ideas, experiences and issues. Please let me know if want to be included in the invitation list.

One of the quotes that sustains me these days (source unknown) is "Fate whispers 'You cannot stand against the storm.' The warrior whispers back 'I am the storm!'" Let's summon our collective warriorship, be the storm and get this done!

If you want to be involved in creating preferred futures email me at along with your contact phone.