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Case Study

Large internationally acclaimed cancer care teaching institution

Aligning C-level behind shared strategic imperatives and introducing continuous management skills training programs for 3,000 physicians, managers and supervisory employees.


One of the largest and most respected cancer centers in the world recognized that it needed help in developing its C-level physicians into leaders. There were also major issues concerning the effectiveness and alignment behind shared vision, goals and strategic objectives. While world famous for their medical mastery, the physicians had strong personalities, and lacked training in leadership and planning.

The organization had been unsuccessful in resolving these challenges -- having consecutive failures with four highly regarded management consulting organizations and training firms. Each of these firms was dismissed shortly after initiation. The senior team and many doctors refused to take part in the project after initial meetings with consulting and training firm members

Clearly a different approach was needed.


The cancer center turned to TRI I, based upon our reputation for highly empathetic and intimately engaging styles of working in difficult situations.  

Working closely with key C level players, individually and collectively, TRI I established consensus in institutional goals and strategic direction. We became a trusted confident when circumstances became sticky.

TRI I designed and implemented a leadership training program for world-class physicians who were also managing divisions. Through our nuanced approach and sensitivity to a highly politicized environment and individual personalities, we successfully related on a personal and professional level. Physicians used our processes to lead effectively and to share collaboratively with other physician peers. Physician leaders now had a venue to decompress from extremely high stress levels associated with the daily life and death nature of their work.


We remain as counsel to C-Level individuals and perform an average of 10 management Team Acceleration projects per year.

Our relationship with the institution has endured for eight years with our training protocols, content and process in continuous use. The HR group is delivering our most current materials in its in-house program.