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"I have worked with Linda and her firm personally to assist my efforts to change culture, build teams and increase productivity for core businesses within three major global corporations and multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical strategic alliances. The successful and sustained outcomes of these initiatives are testimony to Linda and her firm’s ability to insightfully assess complex situations, then plan and execute team development programs that create positive change. TRI I has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to create learning processes for diverse situations. Linda has an exceptional ability to motivate learning, often in the face of resistant corporate personnel and political dynamics."

— Mike Russomano, CMO and President of New Business Development, Pfizer

“I found Ms. Thompson to be an outstanding teacher, facilitator and executive coach. Her spirited, effervescent teaching style, combined with her wealth of experience and knowledge, created a wonderful learning experience for my fellow faculty members and me. I was so impressed with Ms. Thompson’s expertise and teaching style that I subsequently asked her to facilitate a weekend-long team-alignment retreat for my departmental faculty members. As expected, she was outstanding, and our group coalesced around a common purpose during those sessions. The effects of that retreat have largely been sustained to the present, and I attribute much of the outcome to Ms. Thompson’s dynamic presentation style. Two years later, I again asked Ms. Thompson to facilitate a similar session for our department faculty leaders, and it was equally successful. She has rare and impeccable credentials, coupled with superb experience in the areas of leadership development and executive coaching.”

— Dr. David Gershenshon, Division Chair, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“When I took over as Assistant Vice President of Forecasting, I inherited a group with the “usual” communication, power struggles and a void of leadership direction. Linda’s work was transformational in helping us move from a moderately effective operating group to a high performing team focusing on business issues and producing significantly improved results.  

Personally, I gained new awareness and skills that became foundational to my leadership and success at L’Oreal and other companies. The awareness’, skills, mentoring and coaching from Linda were life-long lessons -- extremely valuable in my future career growth.“

— Debra F. Goldstein, Assistant Vice President of Forecasting, L’Oreal

TRI I worked with the Marketing Department both in Leadership Development and Team Acceleration. The results were phenomenal, transforming the leadership skill level of the Department as well as the allowing us to leverage the strengths of the team in a way unique to us. Linda Thompson has been my personal coach for many years providing tools, inspiration and an always listening ear. TRI I Rocks!  

— Alicia Jansen, Associate VP of Marketing, MD Anderson Cancer Center

 “I initially knew Linda as a colleague in a previous company. I was impressed with her ability to plan, organize and execute multifaceted programs in a way that increased the value-proposition of the entire company. The TRI I consulting firm continues that legacy with training, team, coaching and strategy offerings. My only reservation about endorsing TRI I whole-heartedly is that my treasured resource may be less available. Yet part of the magic of TRI I is to make every client feel as if they are the only client.”

— Peter Marino, SVP, Paramount Hotel Group

Robert Boyar was invaluable in helping us clarify our strategic priorities and articulate them to a diverse group of stakeholders. As a major non-for-profit organization, the SEARCH Homeless management and board are comprised of wide ranging expertise and points of view. Robert was able to align various factions seamlessly. The result was clarity of direction with which all key members comfortably aligned. Thank you Robert!”        

— Pegge Bogle, Former Senior Board Member, SEARCH Homeless, Houston    

I have worked with Robert Boyar for more than two decades at Playtex, WellPoint Health Networks and MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group). In a variety of business environments and circumstances, Robert has always quickly brought sometimes very diverse people together to rapidly help solve strategic issues, plan for the future, or expand creative options.

— Richard Sellers, Former SVP Marketing at 3 multi-billion dollar corporations