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The Tri I's

TRI I recognizes the incredibly important contribution people make to an organization. We specialize in individually and collectively improving leadership team and job performance. We use unique processes that measurably improve business results.

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The three “I’s” embody our philosophy.



We define insight as the capability to discern the client’s stated and nuanced objectives and design a value-based offering to invigorate individuals, teams and organizations.

TRI I consultants focus on deeply understanding your goals and the culture of your organization. Your leaders and teams develop:

  • An understanding of the new definition of work
  • A recognition of its importance to themselves, others and the organization.


No canned inspiration please

The client’s vision is our inspiration to develop and deliver compelling, contemporary programs and services. We are energized by helping our clients define their vision and/or enliven that vision in the heart/mind/spirit of all in the organization.

Your leaders and teams learn to trust… to communicate with authenticity, and to relate in ways that inspire others to surprise themselves with achievements and business results.



The TRI I team uses a pragmatic approach to achieve clearly articulated goals. We systematically define measurable outcomes, plan follow-up and continue to assess success in real time.

As a result, your leaders and teams are infused with perspective and tools to leverage business competencies and systems. The infusion begins on Day One — and evolves throughout our relationship.

Nothing happens until something moves.

— Albert Einstein