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Ron Paul is winning the twitter game say the TV folks. He's a good thinker. May not be presidential. Win? Win/lose is politics as usual. LCT — 10 years 29 weeks ago
World government may be the only way to survive as a species on this small planet. Consider readiness. Can humanity honestly change to live? — 10 years 30 weeks ago
The economy,world peace and endless jobs for all could be solved with one simple solution -- Barney Frank as our 6-year benevolent Monarch!! — 10 years 31 weeks ago
Moments of silence? Thanatopsis-William Cullem Bryant"Do not go quietly into that good night. Rail! Rail! Against the dying of the light."LT — 10 years 42 weeks ago
Going gets tough, tough get tougher. Tri I launches new individualized dev. prog. Changing the Game of Life. "Revolutionary" say clients. — 10 years 47 weeks ago
We're told to follow our heart,gut, bliss, passion, instinct...I say LEAD! Decide your path, actions to take and lead yourself, now! Linda — 11 years 1 day ago
The only constant is change. OK. How do I enjoy change? Try this: a simple sentence beginning I AM defining you. Odly moved? Great! Linda — 11 years 3 weeks ago
Only 2 ways to live your life-1 is as though nothing is a miracle 2 as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein. Find joy& know $.LCT — 11 years 4 weeks ago
Consumers,patients-everyone deserves the best of the best-except snuff film-makers & baby killers. DISCOVER your best & lead to serve.LCT — 11 years 4 weeks ago
An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. - Ralph Waldo Emerson — 11 years 5 weeks ago