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Recent research concludes those who laugh 5 min a day or > live longer with more financial and relationship assests. The study? Tweet me LCT — 9 years 36 weeks ago
Forget media hype. Choose $$$$$. See stacks of cash & checks with lots of 0's in all the right places. SEE TIL IT HURTS! SEE MORE in MIND! L — 9 years 41 weeks ago
A cooler wind of reason, solutions and success has just begun to blow through the international dialog of riot, murder and scarcity. Feel it — 9 years 43 weeks ago
Win/Lose politics is a losing game- politically or organizationally. Do you want to awake, look in the mirror, see the loser's face? Not me. — 9 years 44 weeks ago
Main Street? Wall Street?Political Beat? Seriously? Profit=Aligned path+people — 9 years 48 weeks ago
Players knew by 2005. $ in off-shore accounts. Untraceable. Business basics, make some $, get some integrity, look honestly in the mirror. L — 10 years 13 weeks ago
Idiocracy, a funny movie. Now reality. Embodied in the "razzle dazzlle" politobabble of Newt Gingrich. Pillsbury Doughboy would be better. L — 10 years 16 weeks ago
Effective government,profitable business displaying real corporate citizenry and delicious moments lounging in front of the fire. Good Life. — 10 years 17 weeks ago
Zoo? Circus? Politics? At this moment, they all look the same except the animals are more attractive and the circus performers more skilled. — 10 years 18 weeks ago
Recall a Jamie Fox line from film American President-"just vote your conscience, you chickenshit." Imagine impact in both business&politics. — 10 years 21 weeks ago